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New York
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The PE field known Baring Asia (Baring Private Equity Asia), but in the beginning of this year has become the focus of attention of the PE industry. Recently, Baring Asia announced the completion of its sixth fund buy Kraft box from commitment of $ 3.988 billion, compared with the size of the fund increased by only 60%. Which it is currently one of the largest pan-Asian fund raising fund? In fact, from Baring Asia has seen the recruitment experience, it raised over almost become routine. "First Financial Daily" reporters access to historical data, such as Baring Asia in 2006 to raise offers cheap Kraft boxes to complete the third, of the total $ 490 million, almost double on a fund; in 2011 completed the fifth original funding target offers cheap Kraft boxes to $ 1.75 billion, more than the target final amount of four percent. Xiao Cheng, general manager of Baring Asia director on March 2 in the "First Financial Daily" reporters interview, said, let Baring Asia has so sure effective ultra-raise buy Kraft box from offers cheap Kraft boxes because, as the opening up of international space and transnational capital wishes the gradual strengthening personal kraft packing box with free shipping in United States of the of enterprises, help to participate in overseas mergers and acquisitions, financing opportunities become more and more cross-border buy Kraft box from has become an excellent buy Kraft box from themes. "In this one, there is the opportunity to involve more and larger companies, buy Kraft box from holding, so the estimated average buy Kraft box from will be higher." Xiao Cheng believes, "PE involved in cross-border buy Kraft box from is an inevitable trend, and this trend will be more obvious.” According to the Kraft packing box of the Oregon Customized Kraft boxes Employees Retirement Fund (‘Retirement Fund) disclosed that as of the second quarter of 2014, the Fifth Baring Asia in about three years after the establishment of the Fund to achieve a 1.19-fold return, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 9.9%. Baring Asia's fifth fund last year completed a two pen out, including L'Oreal acquired Baring Asia in 2012 to invest in Hong Kong-listed Chinese brand the United States that mask. In addition, its fourth fund in 2008 successfully privatized education Nord Anglia Education


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