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Man accidentally shot his 22 years old son - 76 Last Reply by naijagirl Oct 4
Man Fought 3 Terrorist With Bare Hand 1 167 Last Reply by toofunny Sep 8
An Ugadian Citizen Seek Court Order To Exhume Corps Of A Billionaire Buried With Lots Of Cash - 155 Last Reply by newstraffick Jun 3
Police Arrested Woman With Fake Pregnancy Full Of Drug - 173 Last Reply by naijagirl Jun 3
Boyfriend beat a woman leaving Scar and injury's 1 153 Last Reply by Pappy Jun 2
Check out the face of Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi - 179 Last Reply by Pappy May 24
Man penis was cut off by the lady he attempted to rape - 95 Last Reply by newstraffick May 22
President Rodrigo Duterte bans smoking in public in Philippines - 107 Last Reply by naijagirl May 19
Man Set Girlfriend On Fire With Petrol - 119 Last Reply by toofunny May 11
Check Out A Murderer That Disguised Like A Woman To Break Out Of Jail - 205 Last Reply by naijagirl May 11
(Video) Robber Accidentally Kills His Accomplice While Trying to Rob a woman 1 136 Last Reply by toofunny Apr 26
Man Jailed 8 Months For Raping A Donkey - 122 Last Reply by toofunny Apr 25
An ex-NFL Star Todd Stack, inadvertently hits his 3-yr-old little girl to death while moving hit truck - 158 Last Reply by Pappy Apr 15
Us Released Mother of All Bomb In Afghanistan Isis Targeted Area - 168 Last Reply by newstraffick Apr 13
A Thieve was arrested by its baggy trouser 1 193 Last Reply by toofunny Apr 11
Woman attempted to sneak boyfriend out of jail in a suitcase 2 261 Last Reply by benkindness Apr 1
Large Gate Fall On 7 Year Old Boy And Killed Him - 130 Last Reply by toofunny Mar 31
Nigerian National And His Ugandian Girlfriend Arrested For Drug In India - 141 Last Reply by newstraffick Mar 30
Man Captured Attempting To Drive Auto Stacked With Fluid Gas Into Jam In Belgium. - 160 Last Reply by bigajeff Mar 23
Spokesman Of Ugadan Police Assassinated With His Bodyguard - 202 Last Reply by newstraffick Mar 18
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