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Chubby Dec 15 '16

If you’ve decided that the best thing is for you to ask him out, make sure you know exactly how to do it.

Asking a guy out is all about making it relaxed and informal.“If you’re going to ask a guy out, it’s best to make it as nonthreatening as possible,” 

“For example, you can invite him to a gathering of some sort – like a party or a meeting of a club – where it’s not going to be one-on-one, like a real date.”These types of group events are easy ways to test the waters and avoid any awkward situations. They’ll create a more informal setting for the two of you, and with other people around, it’smuch less intimidating

Second tip is to keep it simple and remove all of the pressure.“Be very casual when you ask a guy out,” “You can say something like, ‘Hey, I heard there was going to be a cool party at my dorm tomorrow night. Do you want to drop by?’ If he gets [a] deer-in-headlights look, quickly backpedal and say you just remembered you’re supposed to be somewhere else right now. Wave goodbye and say, ‘You can call me if you want to go.’ Then, if he never mentions it again, don’t push it.

”Taking a relationship from flirting to dating is always tricky. Even if your crush might be a little shy, that doesn’t mean you two have to be stuck in relationship limbo. 

As a confident collegiette, never be afraid to go for it and ask him out!

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snapop Sep 8 '17
Hmn, Shy guy, really?